MSS products and services can assist your company in implementing world-class measurement technologies.
If you have a problem involving 3D measurement, we can solve it with our leading edge technology.
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Measuring Capabilities:

MSS-R258525 - 2500mm (98") x 8500mm (335") x 2500mm (98")

IMS Premire- 1250mm (50") x 2000mm (78") x 1000mm (40")

MSS-R786 - 700mm (27") x 800 (31") x 600 (23")

  • First Article Inspection
  • PPAP - Production Part Approval Process
  • Process Evaluation / Capability Studies / Gage R&R (Repeatability & Reproducibility)
  • CAD to Part Inspection / Evaluation
  • Fixture Calibration / Tuning
  • Tooling Inspection
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Complex Geometry / Freeform Surfaces / Airfoil Inspection
  • Best Fitting / Targeting
  • Part Sorting

Inspection Details

MSS can be your global metrology services partner.

We have the People and Professionalism To Make It Happen

All MSS CMM's are calibrated and traceable to ISO/IEC Guide 17025.

With our combination of highly accurate equipment, technical know-how,
and experience, MSS can provide dimensional inspection services for the
most difficult and complex configurations.

First Article Inspection:
Accurate and reliable data, with easy to read reports and turn
around times as quick as 24 hours.

Process Evaluation / Capability Studies / R&R:
Statistical evaluation of manufacturing processes and production
tooling via multi-sample inspection.

CAD to Part Inspection / Evaluation:
Parts inspected and evaluated directly to 3D CAD models.

Fixture Calibration / Tuning :
Of Welding, Targeting, Machining, Assembly, and other fixture types.

Tooling Inspection:
Pre-production tooling verification, tool re-work verification, etc.

Reverse Engineering:
Full part characterization with results, supplied in a variety of different formats, from point data to full Solid Models.

Complex Geometry / Freeform Surfaces / Airfoil Inspection:
Known and unknown contour / geometry evaluation and characterization. High resolution plots of complex contours and airfoils are also supplied.

Best Fitting / Targeting:
Pre-Target Datum optimization and best fitting to provide machining data. Post-Target machining verification.

Letting us know your specifications for your parts, we will measure them and accurately inform if the parts meet your criteria. This will reduce production time of parts that do not meet requirements. This can be done at your facility or have your shipments drop shipped to our facility.

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