Retrofit elements and options


MSS can provide a comprehensive range of retrofit solutions, from simple touch-trigger probing up to advanced 5-axis measurement, all underpinned by a common controller and metrology software platform.


Retrofit options

Sensor options   Controller options   Software options
  UCC2, SPA2 and MCU5   MODUS screenshot - circular slice

Elements of a Renishaw retrofit

  Touch-trigger 3-axis scanning 5-axis scanning

touch trigger






 UCC2 3-axis scan 


 5-axis scan

UCC2, SPA and MCU 

TP20 / TP200


SP25 / SP80



RSP2 and RSP3 probe options for Revo 

MODUS™ metrology softwareMODUS screenshot showing REVO simulation

Renishaw's new MODUS™ metrology software makes sophisticated measurement simple.

It provides a powerful platform to develop and run inspection programs, including full support for its revolutionary REVO® 5-axis measurement technology.


Renishaw has the full package

Built on standards   Configurable environment   CAD compatibility   Programming & simulation   Reporting & analysis
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MODUS probe path simulation close-up

New metrology software from Renishaw

Powerful programming

  • CAD-driven offline programming with full simulation and crash detection

One stop shop

  • Part of a complete retrofit solution, supplied and supported by Renishaw

Future proof

  • Full support for Renishaw's revolutionary REVO® 5-axis measurement technology

REVO inspecting blisk Delivering a measurement revolution

Renishaw’s new MODUS™ CMM software application enables it to offer CMM users a complete retrofit upgrade, supplied and supported by Renishaw. With full support for its entire range of sensors, including the award-winning REVO®, MODUS provides a powerful platform for 5-axis measurement.

TopMODUS real-time reporting

MODUS™ highlight

  • Full support for I++ DME compliant metrology controllers, including Renishaw’s UCC range of universal CMM controllers
  • Full compatibility with REVO®
  • CAD-driven offline programming, with support for neutral formats of IGES, STEP, Parasolid® and VDA-FS
  • High quality integration with the CATIA® (v5 and v4), Siemens® NX™ (previously Unigraphics®), Pro/E® and Solidworks® CAD/CAM solutions
  • Full motion simulation and collision detection, including 5-axis moves
  • Native DMIS support
  • Certified mathematical algorithms
  • Powerful text and graphical reporting
  • Flexible output of results data including certified Q-DAS


UCC2/SPA2Universal CMM controller suitable for touch-trigger and scanning probing.UCC2™ is also the controller platform for the revolutionary new Renscan5™ technology.

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  • About UCC2
  • UCC2™ specification
  • 'Daughter' card options

About UCC2

The new UCC2™ offers full 4-axis control and scanning capability. 

Known part adaptive scanning techniques:

  • cylinder scan
  • gasket scan
  • grid scan
  • automatic find centre UCC2
  • advanced data filtering
  • advanced analogue probe calibration



UCC2™ specification

The technical specification includes the following features:

Max. CMM axes 4
Scale inputs

Renishaw RGH22, RGH24, RGH41 and other digital scales are directly supported.

Analogue scales can be supported via an external interface. 

Uncommitted binary I/O 6 inputs and 7 outputs available as standard
Joystick Comprehensive joystick interface
Probe interface cards TP20, TP200/SCR200, SP600 and SP25M interfaces available as standard
Enclosure 19" 3U rack-mountable enclosure with 5 expansion slots plus 1 PCI slot
Ethernet Simple ethernet link to the PC via a crossover LAN cable
Error map Internal



'Daughter' card options

The UCC2™ has a range of compatible additional card options. Most of these cards are common with UCC1, the exceptions being the PHS1 card, which is UCC2 compatible only, and the SP25M and MCU1 cards, which are included in the motherboard of the UCC2.

Card Function
PICS/RS232 auxiliary product interface Adds two RS232 communication ports to the UCC, and includes a PICs compliant connector. Optional card to allow the basic measuring system to be enhanced with alternative probes and/or added peripherals.
PH10 motorised head interface Provides an interface between the PH10 probe head and the application software, requiring no external hardware and with minimal cabling requirements.
SP80 probe interface Plug-in card for the UCC that operates the SP80 scanning probe.
SP25M probe interface This daughtercard extends the capability of the analogue connector probe port (for use with the SP600, TP200 and TP20 range of probes) permitting use of the SP25M probe without the need to change cable connections.
MCU daughtercard

MCU is a multi-functional hand control unit that can provide complete CMM control.
The MCU daughtercard provides all the necessary interfacing between the MCU joystick and the UCC controller.

This card is only required for upgrades as it is included in the standard UCC2 kit.

Additional axis Can be configured for a rotary table or dual drive interface. More than one can be fitted in a single controller.
Temperature sensor

Traditionally high accuracy measurement has been confined to environments where the temperature can be controlled to minimise the influence of thermal errors. As more and more CMM manufacturers are moving towards in line inspection with shop hardened machines, the need for temperature compensation is increasing.

The temperature sensor inputs can now be connected to UCC1 or UCC2 and, using the additional temperature card, make machine and workpiece temperature compensations, increasing the accuracy of the CMM.



UCCliteThe UCClite-2™ is a simple 3-axis, low cost, touch-trigger operation only CMM controller. It is supplied configured for manual CMMs but can be upgraded to use on DCC CMMs in touch trigger mode only.

UCClite-2™ can be purchased by itself or in a bundle with the SPAlite™ or SPA2 servo power amplifiers.

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  • System components
  • UCCretrofit
  • Extended warranty

About UCClite-2

For applications needing only a touch-trigger probing capability, UCClite-2™ is a lower specification controller configurable for use with manual or DCC CMMs.

When used with the SPAlite™, a lower powered servo power amplifier unit suitable for smaller DCC CMMs, these units offer a highly cost-effective and compact CMM axis control solution, suitable for retrofitting to existing machines.

The UCClite-2™ can also be used with the SPA2 for larger 3-axis touch-trigger CMMs.


System components

  • UCClite-2 enclosure
  • PC
  • USB cable
  • Pair of mounting brackets
  • Third party joystick
  • Associated software
  • Power supply