Because lasers alone will not give you the best capabilities, we utilize Renishaw products , such as SP25 scanning probes, TP7 probes, OTP6 laser probes, TP200s, and TP20s along with a non-contact laser scanner.

Applications we can provide are:

Reverse engineering for replacement parts.

Cad model creations from a prototype.

Cad drawing creations from actual cad models, and modifying base model geometry for improved functionality or a new application.

Complete turnkey - Manufacture parts in plastics, metals or carbon fiber.

Volume range 2500mm (98") x 8500mm (335") x 2500mm (98").

  • First Article Inspection
  • Process Evaluation / Capability Studies / R&R
  • CAD to Part Inspection / Evaluation
  • Fixture Calibration / Tuning
  • Tooling Inspection
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Complex Geometry / Freeform Surfaces / Airfoil Inspection
  • Best Fitting / Targeting

Services Details
Creating a CAD model from an old hard model or a prototype part can be an extremely time consuming and difficult task without the proper tools. At MSS, we can make the transition from hard model to CAD model a much less painful experience. First, we'll digitize your part using our CNC CMM which provides us with the scan lines, point data and geometry we need to get started. The scans, points and geometry are then exported to our 3D modeling software. We can now begin manipulating the data to create surfaces. Once we have completed the full surface model, a final verification is performed. The surface model is then loaded into our CMM software and the original part is inspected back to the new surface model, which highlights any minor deviations, which may still exist. We can then correct any differences, ending up with a virtually exact surface model replica which can then be used to create CNC toolpaths, rapid prototypes, FEA's, etc. MSS can also convert your 2D drawings or 3D wire frame models into a 3D surface model.

Maybe you don't require a full reverse engineering done, if it's just the 2D scans you need, we can do that too. 2D scans are often the quickest and cheapest route to get the data you need for your wire EDM or a path for CNC turning operations.

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