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$8000.00** 4.0 to Pre 6.5

$6000.00** 6.5 Onward

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Virtual DMIS Cad Plus 8.2.5 (Windows 7/10 64bit)

Virtual DMIS fully links CAD component data with the CMM inspection process and provides a real time, on-line, truly integrated software applauded for its innovation. Virtual DMIS is the benchmark for functionality and CAD integration.

Virtual DMIS meets user requirements at the top end of the pyramid, yet is programmable by all via a novel user interface including a virtual CMM/probe, selectable on-line help, computer or video generated tutorials, multi-lingual help and a number of advanced features such as High Level Language programming (macros).

With its unique Patented Iconized DMIS program interface, Virtual DMIS has created for DMIS what Microsoft Windows did for DOS - a smart and friendly program interface making DMIS usable by all.

Using the latest software development tools, and CAD and CMM industry standards, Virtual DMIS enables, without compromise, seamless collection, analysis, visualization and communication of quality data throughout the manufacturing environment, providing a full-service, software-focused approach to CMM control and Metrology based solutions.

Developed with the Dimensional Measurement Interface Standard (DMIS) as its' foundation, Virtual DMIS is engineered to fully utilize the power and capabilities of this measuring technology standard.

Virtual DMIS Pro+ is for users who work without CAD models. Virtual DMIS Pro+ offers the ideal solution, with 3D part graphics being created as you measure with FULL DMIS Read and Write capability. Features can be selected from the graphic viewer for subsequent analysis. The full range of functionality provides a powerful metrology solution including High Level Language support for advanced programming capabilities and optional MS-Excel spreadsheet integration.

Virtual DMIS CAD+ adds the ability to read IGES, STEP and VDA files and to export measured data in IGES format. Unlike some systems, Virtual DMIS CAD+ includes all the functionality needed to measure and evaluate curves and surfaces. Virtual DMIS Pro+ users can upgrade to Virtual DMIS CAD+ at any time for a nominal upgrade charge.

Virtual DMIS CAD++ includes all the features of Virtual DMIS CAD+ as well as adding Virtual SURF for creating 3D surfaces from point clouds - giving users full surface reverse engineering capabilities.

Active MatrixTM adds the ability to utilize virtually every CAD format available today, including native CATIA V4 and V5, ProE and Unigraphics. Models can be viewed, cleaned up and prepared for measurement without having to install a copy of Virtual DMIS.

Whichever version of Virtual DMIS you select, you can be confident that you are building your enterprise's metrology future on a sound foundation of industry standards with continuing development on three continents.

Virtual DMIS Software Update Agreement

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While Virtual DMIS already represents the leading edge of CMM software,  the development team continues to design and implement new and updated metrology software tools to expand the capabililties of your CMM. When you sign up for a Virtual DMIS Software Update Agreement, you will immediately be able to receive the latest updates of Virtual DMIS.


Virtual-DMIS is developed for users who need:

Focus on Quality by taking advantage of maturing technology that offer both competitive performance and value for money.

A CMM with Virtual DMIS represents the ultimate inspection tool. Your existing CMM may not accommodate CAD integrated inspection, the revolutionary CMM software function of the future. With combined error-correction system, machine accuracy can be improved, in some cases to better than original specifications. And, with built-in machine accuracy checking routines, including Ball Bar, Step Gauge, and the Renishaw Machine Checking Gauge, your CMM performance need never be in doubt. Highly skilled and qualified applications engineers are trained to support customers through their measuring difficulties simply from a telephone call to one of the regional technical centres. A numerous choice of application specific CMM software modules is available. From our experience, a software upgrade will utilise the latest practical developments in measuring software, providing lower risk and an inexpensive way to enhance any CMM's capabilities.

Flexible Manufacturing Systems(FMS)

The continuing focus at Entelegence Software Solutions is to develop a truly state-of-the-art, fully CAD-integrated CMM software package. Developed by a focused team with one goal: create a state-of-the-art application from a challenging development schedule and specification that would be less expensive than current CAD-integrated offerings and be retrofittable, with features that include data and program security access and Internet-based support.

Focus on Dimensional Inspection

The goal for any profit-centred business has been to increase profit through increased productivity, increased market share and to continuously increase quality. To this end, current production systems are critically dependent on the elements of the production cycle: timely and concurrent product engineering, precision machinery, process knowledge, and computer integrated and automation technology. Among the many components, metrology and precision engineering are two essential elements of modern productions as far as product quality is concerned.

We specialize in developing integrated 3D coordinate acquisition systems using mechanical probes, laser sensors, and vision systems, implementing computer control algorithms and sensor technology for precision motion control, and developing analysis methodologies for enterprise-wide solutions to these critical components.

During the infant phase of a product's life cycle, many iterative events take place. parts are manufactured and compliance is verified. The need for timely information has never been more apparent. This has led to a desire for increased knowledge and technology available for integrating coordinate metrology and dimensional control of precision mechanical parts. For example, Chrysler, Ford, and GM require production part approval prior to the first production shipment in the following situations:

  • A new part or product.
  • Correction of a discrepancy on a previously submitted part.
  • Product modified by an engineering change to design records, specifications, or materials.
  • Use of another optional construction or material than was used in the previously approved part.
  • Production from new or modified tools.
  • Production following refurbishment or rearrangement of existing tooling or equipment.
  • Production following any change in process or method of manufacture.
  • Production from tooling and equipment transferred to a different plant location or from an additional plant location.
  • Change of source for subcontracted parts, materials, or services.
  • Product re-released after the tooling has been inactive for volume production for twelve months or more.
  • Following a customer request to suspend shipment due to a supplier quality concern.

Liability and reliability drive these requirements and identifying changes that might affect the customer can help boost confidence in a supplier. No company has ever increased profits by losing customers. As the outlined current needs of the production industry continue to pace market and product development, Virtual-DMIS will continue to grow with that demand.

To Stay Ahead of The Curve:

Existing CMM companies focus on the manufacture of structures. They have a background in precision mechanics production and it is the volume of mechanical parts out the door that is a driving force. However, structures are mature, and it is in software that development must take place.

Let us examine traditional software. They are considered by many users and managers:

  • Difficult to program.
  • Cumbersome in operation, requiring operators with specialized knowledge for effective use.
  • Capitol investment failures because people with a minimum of training were expected to inspect the most complex of parts with little or no integration with engineering or production.

Many machines are not even run under CNC control, as operators are unable to get far enough up 'the learning curve'. Learning to use the computer is compounded by a second abstract: the CMM programming language.

Difficulties were further compounded by the fact that the level of support provided came nowhere near that expected for conventional machine tools. simply because CMMs were not used as front-line equipment.

Offering a turn-key approach that included the supply of application programs for the main components being inspected, comprehensive training programs and support that offered levels of service response similar to those provided by the machine tool sector is not a new concept, but one not fully realized in today's metrology solutions market place.

What users want is high functionality with minimum input and decision making. High functionality means ability to meet user demands, e.g. a 3D CAD link, intelligent measurement, graphical programming, surface modeling, pictorial output, reverse engineering, and SPC.

New Active Matrix:

Supported Formats

IGES, STEP, VDAFS, CATIA V4 & V5, ProE, Unigraphics, Parasolids

The new Virtual DMIS Active MatrixTM module enables the direct use of virtually any CAD model format within Virtual DMIS. Active Matrix can be run off-line on another computer if desired, freeing up the CMM computer to run parts while new models are prepared off-line or by another department.

Extraneous entities not relevant to measurement can be deleted from the model, reducing model size and simplifying programming tasks.

Active Matrix also support export in a variety of industry standard and CAD system formats. This makes Active Matrix a good general purpose tool for repurposing product definition data for many uses within the enterprise.

The Virtual DMIS user interface is designed to maximize the size of the CAD Viewer. This results in less zooming and panning by the user to see the necessary level of detail. By reducing the need to constantly adjust the viewer, repetitive motions of the wrist and fingers are kept to a minimum - software ergonomics.

One click is all it takes to create a feature from the CAD model.

Virtual DMIS Pro's Smart MeasureTM automatically recognizes feature types and creates CAD cylinders on-line. Motion can be visually verified.

omatic Solid Model based Collision Avoidance algorithms prevent errors such as shaft probing.

Analog scanning with Renishaw UUC controller for high density scans.

"Ghost" Go-To shows next CMM move On-Line or Off-Line.



Active Matrix

The new Virtual DMIS Active Matrix TM  module enables the direct use of virtually any CAD model format within Virtual DMIS. Active Matrix  can be run offline on another computer if desired, freeing up the CMM computer to run parts while new models are prepared offline or by another department.